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Default Another thing to consider . . .


First: thank you for your service.

Next: you're already getting good counsel on the relationship front, soI'm going to offer some advice from my experience as the spouse of a disabled veteran and PTSD patient.

Collect as many as your medical records as you can. Many doctors will not provide copies, citing privacy concerns which I think are really mostly "cover my own ass" concerns. HOWEVER, many will provide you them if you ask for a copy "for educational purposes only."

When you are discharged, apply immediately with the VA for disability pension. If you're experience is like most veterans I know, you will be turned down. Get in contact with the PATIENTS' REPRESENTATIVE in your local VA facility. They all have one; smaller facilities share them. Work with the PatRep to file an appeal. If the appeal is denied, appeal again, and consider applying for Unemployability, if your injuries are severe enough (and don't forget to factor in the PTSD). I know many veterans whose claims were denied right up to the point that a Board of Appeals would have to be convened to hear the case. So YOU KEEP COMING until you receive the benefits the people of our nation set aside for you.

On the PTSD front: there are many MANY more treatment options available now than there ever have been before. Look into them! Find what works for you and GET THAT TREATMENT! PTSD doesn't ever completely go away, but can get much better with treatment. And it can get WORSE if ignored, and nobody wants that. Also, there are programs for spouses and families of PTSD patients, to help them learn about the disorder and learn how to help you.

I also want to say this, loud and clear, in case no one's said it before: the PTSD is not your fault, even though it is your problem. PTSD occurs when sane people go through insane trauma. It is your mind's attempt to bear the unbearable.

I have to go now, but best of luck to you and yours, and thank you, again, for your service.
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