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I have depression.
I see a therapist.
I'm also ADD (and medicated for that).
I've taken a variety of cocktails for depression-none of them work and they cause more problems as well.
I track my diet, I track my exercise. I make sure I have vitamin supplements where there are deficiency risks. I have great partners that help me with that. I have had the depression in a "controlled" state for almost a year. But that doesn't mean it's GONE.

But, additionally, I live in Alaska. There isn't enough sunlight. Period. I take 5000 iu's of vitamin D a day and still test "low" relatively frequently.

Combined with physical limitations that make being outside in the cold, my Dr.s take on depression and me is very simple,
"save money and buy property somewhere that stays warm year round & has a regular sunrise/sunset schedule that doesn't alter greatly from season to season."
Because the only time the depression completely lifts is when I am in that environment. There isn't an underlying emotional issue going on. There is a physical issue that causes the problems and it's one that requires enough money to move our entire family to a new location & find new jobs there. That's in the works-but it's been a 6 year process so far to get things to a point where we can even consider looking at properties. We still haven't resolved WORK whenever we find a home to buy.

I too am in college working on a degree in the mental health field. It's NOT as simple as "take this drug and be well". There are many issues that are NOT fixable with medication and there are many more that medication HELPS but it doesn't resolve.
And definitely, if a partner struggles with ADD, Bipolar, Depression-EVEN IF THEIR MEDS ARE WORKING-you still need to be educated and aware because medication is NOT A CURE for these issues at all.
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