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Ok, I used to see a therapist for like 4 years, but stopped seeinghim as he coukd not handel the poly th I b g. I currently gave an appt on the 20th with a new therapist. I really have no support here. I work with peopke who are so far below my intellectual level that I dont waste the time. It is just me. She gives him Skype time whenever he likes. We had tried poly before but we were much too young.and yes we kniw what it takes to make it work. Yes I have feelings for him. We are both bi and he is a REALLY great guy but his primary relationship is with her due to the distance. I want it to be known that she is doing nothing wrong and these are issues I am having. She is a wonderful person and the light if my life. I just wish to find a way to be a better husband and lover.
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