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Well this doesn't exactly pertain to me but my lover is married and she is monogamous...she has no desire to look elsewhere. Of course if I was married to my lover, I might not be looking elsewhere either b/c we'd be having sex a few times a day & wouldn't have time for anyone else

People are shocked when I tell them about my relationship...not b/c it unconventional but b/c the wife allows it. She's a very open-minded person apparently & understands her husbands sexual/companionship needs. He'd never leave her & I think she is secure in knowing that he loves her even if he loves another. I honestly don't know if as the wife, I could handle my husband being with another woman. Then again, I know I have some emotional damage from my upbringing & a few relationships nor have I found a relationship with unconditional love that would allow for this.
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