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Exclamation Hellllp!

Hello all, I need some help. I have been on depression meds for about a year now due to my PTSD. Unfortunately these have not controlled some of my major mood swings. Last night I had a MAJOR MANIC EPISODE. I said a whole buch of things I truly did not mean. I was feeling very marginalized and phased out due to the fact she apends 90 % of her new bf of 3 months. I understand that the reason is because I live 5 hrs away. She gets to do all th8a aupwr fun stuff that I really want to do but am unable because I am stuck in the Army till they figure out thier crap. I keep pushing her away because I canot control my emotions. I LOVE her beyond reason. I have been with her for 13 years through thick and thin. The is and always will be my world. How can I stop pushing her away and show her how much I love hwr when I only get to see her maybe 2 times a month?
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