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Originally Posted by Vixtoria View Post
The problem is, if you have been long term diagnosed, you do, at some point (usually) figure out how to function. The problem being on a bad day, you can't think to do any of those things!

On normal days, it's a matter of making myself take the first step.
On normal or low days it's impossible to motivate to do anything!
You don't want to get out of bed, you don't want to sleep, you aren't tired, you just can't move. It's like a heavy black cloud at the back of your head, always trying to spread and take over your mind. I feel myself pulling away, getting distant. Like you are just along for the ride in your body, an observer, as things happen around you. You are aware, sure, but interact? Oh wait, did you want an answer to something?

On a bad day just the idea of getting into a bath or a shower turns me off.

Having someone around that understands and can help without being controlling, which makes you feel like crying!

Or too peppy, which again makes you feel worse.

My brain literally freezes.

It has been, literally, a constant struggle.

To know that every single day it is anywhere from twice as hard to ten times as hard for me to do even the simplest things that for everyone else, is just normal and easy and done without thought.

your mind is in that place, where it's stuck,
where you can't find the word you KNOW you know.
I kept the lines that struck me personally-things I experience regularly, often, daily.

Originally Posted by northhome View Post
Wow! That's not idiotic in all, just the contrary. It totally explains some behaviour that has always baffled me in some people I relate to that do indeed suffer from depression.

Thanks for this.
You're welcome. *blush*
"Love As Thou Wilt"
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