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Originally Posted by london View Post
There is one thing we could do with the calender booking in advance thing and that, if it works how it is supposed to, would alleviate these feelings. Then, what they did with each other would impact less on me and we could have what we have and will have happily. Again, I just resent all this super serious calender stuff so early on.
Is there a lot of risk in creating a calendar for YOURSELF and sharing it with him? I am strongly against anyone telling their partners that THEY need to create a calendar. However, if time management is an issue (as it seems to be the primary issue here) then the risk of mentioning "Hey, would it make your life easier if you could see my calendar when thinking about scheduling a date with me?" would seem to be minimal.

Sooner or later I'm going to need to share a calendar with IV, but in a less passive manner. Her work schedule is so busy that I might be relegated to just proposing dates with her on the calendar and seeing if she accepts them lol.

Originally Posted by london View Post
Oh, and, they basically have a DADT so sharing calender with her would be a complete no no. She has every tell tale sign of not being okay with non monogamy.
Who cares, you aren't dating her; that's got nothing to do with you. He needs to work his shit out with her and I hope you figure out how to let go of that.
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