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Default looking for help with incompatible sexual tastes

I have not been posting until now, but have been reading quite a few threads and seeing much wisdom in them.
While both my husband and I are open to the idea of some form of open marriage, I think what we would each want from an open marriage is very different.
My husband is more looking to have sexual experiences (with at most some casual friendship component).
I on the other hand, am much more wired to have what I think would be called polyfidelity type of relationships. I don't see a need to go actively looking for a deep secondary love relationship, but if one came my way, I would be happy to explore it - not really much appeal to me in casual sex.
I also feel like while I do not need to be involved deeply with everyone my husband might be involved with, I would need to at least know them at a friendly level to feel that I trust him with that other person or persons.
As mentioned in my intro, we are currently pregnant with our first child, and not looking to make any drastic changes to our currently monogamous style, until we have integrated our new little person into our lives - but we are trying to work out some of the emotional issues the discussion of open marriage and our different inherent styles have raised.

Would appreciate as much input as possible!

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