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Originally Posted by london View Post
Many poly people think that casual sex is somehow against being poly...people who have or can have more than one romantic partner as part of an ethically non monogamous relationship and also have interactions and relationships that are sexually focused and lack the romantic elements still fit in the polyamorous category in my opinion.
That's not an opinion, that's just understanding what polyamory is and stating as much. Polyamory doesn't have anything to do with what you do with your time besides having (or having the ability to have) multiple loves. People who think that poly and varying levels of promiscuity are not compatible are entitled to design their lives however they choose but if they think it is integral to the definition polyamory then they are also welcome to be incorrect.

Prior to my meeting IV she was apparently promiscuous. She was in a poly relationship with CV and promiscuious!

Originally Posted by Squashking
And now that I am in a closed poly relationship I have been intrigued with the notion of hooking up with someone else. (Fantasy)
Red text is my addition.

I realize you probably know the reason that it is fantasy for you to have an outside lover, but for the sake of newer members I wanted to make the distinction clear. This is an example of a closed poly arrangement which does not permit additional loves or sexual partners outside the agreed upon group. This distinction has nothing to do with poly and everything to do with the fact that is is designated as closed.
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