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Default pigola ossuary

Never tried swinging although I have on occasion, "suggested" that it would be fun to try.

My wife and I were in a very happy monogamous marriage for the past 13 years until this time last year when something magical and unexpected happened (copious wine + hot tub) with another couple who happen to be our very best friends. It's funny, the morning after, all glowing with NRE, and weird feelings of "what the fuck are we doing?". It was actually quite frightening and exciting all at the same time... I will never forget that feeling.

So poly found us I suppose and NO ONE was looking for it, both couples coming from happy and solid marriages w/families. We are in a closed quad and outside of several bumps in the road everything is going exceptionally well.

Yes, the sweet and subtle difference between fantasy vs reality. I have always been intrigued to try swinging. And now that I am in a poly relationship I have been intrigued with the notion of hooking up with someone else. (Fantasy)

However, I can safely say that I am very happy in our closed quad and have no desire to do anything different with anyone. :-) We care about this other couple very deeply and yes the sex is wonderful. We live close by, and we are deeply connected to each others daily lives and families. Our situation IMHO is "perfect". (Reality)

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