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Default 6 months can really feel like years!

Shoo....I don't know if I'll ever catch up on this story! I have so much going on, I just want to go out of order lol.

After our first threesome on that Saturday, the next Monday I got to spend the night with MD solo. Bug was at her dad's, so we had the place to ourselves. To this date, it remains my most treasured time with her so far. We were newly vulnerable in a way that we had not been before. The sex was amazing, but so was gazing into each other's eyes and holding hands. There was such an electricity, such a connection. But we lingered and took our time just enjoying each other. We laughed, we ate, we touched, we kissed...god her kisses! She will grab my face in her hands and kiss me. I swear to god my whole body melts. She has said she can feel me physically swoon lol.

Deep in the throes of NRE again, we were launched into crazy land again! We texted and sexted and didn't really stop for days. At this point FJ and MD texted some-mostly flirty texts and basic how are you kinda stuff. MD & I were having the intense convos about how much we loved each other, about how beautiful our love felt, how natural we felt together, how amazing we thought the other was.....on and on. We were both on cloud 9. MD was asked several times if she had lost weight, and told that she was glowing and looked gorgeous Love looks good on her!

FJ & I spent lots of time I'm writing this I realize I'm focusing on the details of MD & I....because the relationship that FJ and I have is just sort of unspoken. But lest the reader think I take him for granted....absolutely not! After the threesome with MD, we talked and talked and talked some more. We were both very much on the same page as far as what our expectations and boundaries were. I was extra attentive to him, his love language is physical touch. So we spent lots of time cuddling, fucking, kissing, touching and taking care of each other. He expressed some surprise and a twinge of jealousy at how intense MD and I were with each other during the first threesome. He wasn't upset, but he hadn't realized how deep our relationship had become so quickly. He was happy for us, feeling total compersion and encouraging. I love this man so much, he really is the best person I know. I don't know another soul who is as kind and caring. He is also the very best father I know. We are equals in everything-we pick up each other's slack without even having to ask most of the time. We worked hard to get to this point, but we now seem to have an almost effortless time working and living and loving together. This is special to me-and so comforting. And lest you think he's just such a super-nice guy-he's also hot as hell with the most piercing eyes and yummy lips. He gets kinky in just the right ways in the bedroom.....taking charge at just the right moments

MD & I spent some time together that Thurs night as well after one of my events. That was also amazing, but we had been drinking so it was a little drunken lol. Nothing wrong with it, I just prefer a sober fuck But it was great to see her.

That Saturday we couldn't wait to all be together again! The time we all spend together with the kids is great. All of my kids love MD. I think it's so important for kids to have other adults in their lives that they can trust and that care about them besides their parents. An adult in my childhood made all the difference and seriously saved me from traveling a path that may have ended in death. Anyways-my kids get excited to see MD, even my adolescent children who act like they could care less about anything lol! She loves them, we love Bug, and we laugh and relax and just enjoy our time together.

Of course when the lights go out.....we start to play This time FJ & MD weren't as nervous! They tied me up and tortured the hell out of the best way. Watching them kiss over me while touching me was ah-ma-zing. Sigh...I loved every second of it. At one point, I moved to the other side of the bed and made FJ get in the middle He and MD did have PIV sex that night, and they were both lost in each other. I was giddy with joy for the both of them. Real compersion! We played for 4 hours of sweaty, loving fun. Lord have mercy, it was amazing.

The third time we were together was not long after, I've written about it here, so I'll just link it:

I finally hit a wall. My emotions were EVERYWHERE, and I managed to freak my partners out I think I'm still reaping the consequences of that freak out....sigh. Living, learning, loving, growing.
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