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So... My husband left this morning to go on a short holiday (4 days) with his girlfriend). I'm more ok than I thought.

I was a mess most days this week before, because I know I'll miss him. Pregnancy has made me very needy of him being around.

But today, now that he is actually gone, I'm surprisingly ok.

It is soon for them to go on a holiday, and it sucks being 32 weeks pregnant and not having my husband home every day. But I do really believe it is fair. The closer we get to my due date, the more time he will spend at home with me, the less he will be gone overnight.
And once the baby is born for the first few days he won't see her at all (our choice way before they met is that the first 5 to 7 days out of the hospital are just for us. Him, me and the baby. No visitors, nobody coming by, just us getting used to being a family).
And for the first few weeks he will see her very little, and mostly at our place at home, and no overnights for a while.

This will be difficult for her, so I agree with him that taking her on this holiday now to 1. solidify their relationship and 2. to pamper her a little bit because later on he cannot is something that is fair.

I hope this being ok with it and not missing him too much lasts. I want to be calm and sane for my baby, not a blubbering crying hormonal mess....
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