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I agree-I was a "single" mom for the 1st 6 years of my oldest child's life (she's now 21).
I find that the stage of "i'm considering this person but do'nt know yet" is just confusing for the kids.
Kids are more prone (in their own lives as example) to simple "make a friend". They don't rationalize or go through a "dating" period.

My youngest for example will tell us after a day at the park about her "new best friends"-children she is unlikely to ever see again-but they were her best friends because they played nicely with her that day at the park.
And she will look for them repeatedly when we return to the park, sometimes being so emotional over them not being there that she is brought to tears.

So when a potential lover comes into the picture-she attaches immediately. To her they are a part of her family. When it doesn't work out and they disappear, she is distraught to have lost a part of her "family".

easier to just avoid that and not bring people around her until they ARE part of her "extended family"
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