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I find that when I'm struggling with depression, almost all questions that require a decision default to a "screw it" place in my brain that results in-nothing happening.
Maca has actually found that making the most of D/s during these times is very helpful to me. He simply calls me by the pet name he uses for D/s and gives a gentle instruction "it's time to walk" or "it's time for our workout" or "it's time to eat" etc. I will auto-pilot "obey".

On the otherhand, GG is NOTORIOUSLY passive and he tends to be the "Bebe? Would you like to ______?" and when I'm struggling with depression-the response is silence.

In my head the way it goes is something like this:

1)A question arises-
2)my brain feels overwhelmed and begins to shut down systems
3)my eyes see that someone needs a response
4)my mouth responds to their need with the only "sensible" response while my brain is in meltdown mode "no"
5)i sit on my ass and do nothing

whereas-if an instruction is given
my brain doesn't get overwhelmed-it just follows the instruction blindly without thought allowing me to follow out the instructed activity.

(I realize how idiotic that all sounds-but I'm trying to describe what it feels like as realistically and simply as possible for people who haven't experienced it)
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