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Originally Posted by Vixtoria View Post
Just an FYI, telling someone with diagnosed chronic or severe depression that they need to get out more or exercise to feel better is about the same as saying, "Buck up!" It typically has a negative affect rather than a positive one.

Yeah, exercise and getting out more helps, but depression isn't just being sad. So rather than say 'hey do some yoga, exercise, be physically fit and you'll feel better!' Offer to go for a walk together or do something together. Motivation is an issue when depressed and even as often as you see articles on it and how mental illness is still stigmatized yet talked about, people don't understand it and I get people are trying to be helpful and upbeat to help the person that is depressed but many times it is going to backfire. We don't need to be reminded that for everyone else it's a matter of 'bucking up.'
It would be a little insensitive to say 'buck up' to someone with depression. It's a good thing no one here has said it!

Recognizing the reality that the body is essentially an organic machine and that it responds to what it is given is merely stating a fact, it's not a judgment or some kind of statement of how you someone should live their life. How one chooses to go about utilizing that fact is up to them. You would recommend asking someone if they want to join you for a walk... awesome idea!
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