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Originally Posted by polywindsor
These are the best things I can advise you, but most of them would be things I would do in any relationship not just one with a depressed person.
I would include friendships, family, whoever I care about. I find it is important for people to separate themselves from this idea that their relationship is a "thing". For example, "the quad" is not an actual thing, that's just four people who currently love each other and are sharing certain aspects of their lives. Putting the external pressure of "well now we're a quad which means we relate to each other as a quad" is problematic.

OP: I don't know anything about your situation and you might have just used "the quad" as shorthand to describe "me and her other loved ones" but for the sake of the other readers I thought I'd make the clarification.

Originally Posted by BaggagePatrol View Post
Yoga. Jogging. Detox and diet. Depression is a physical reality, so I approach it from a physical standpoint. Hard to feel great if you're not sleeping, eating or moving your body in a healthy way! Hard to feel crappy when you're exercising, eating delicious and nutritious food and taking time to detox and relax the body! Best of luck, depression is a dog from hell.
I like this approach BP. In the unfortunate periods of my life when I discover that I'm feeling depressed it is always enforced by how I'm living my life. Meaning, I realize I haven't been outside in a while, that I haven't gotten any exercise, that I've eaten nothing but stale Cheerios for the last 4 days... once I change a few of these really unfortunate situations I invariably find that my mood improves.

That is not to say that there aren't some mental conditions which require additional chemical input to address, but ignoring the fact that the body is a machine which responds to what we give it would be a mistake.
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