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Originally Posted by OnTheCusp View Post
I'm not purposefully being selfish or self-centered or anything else I've been called--I'm just muddling through.
We are all selfish and self-centered at times. I think selfishness can sometimes come out of insecurities - people want to cling onto onto certain ideas, beliefs, relationships, etc., and get as much as possible out of a person or situation because they have very little faith in the abundance of life and are focused on scarcity - as in, "What happens if my partner falls in love with someone else? What will happen to me?" It is times like those we all need to wake up and see how self-involved and wrapped up in neediness we have or can become. I was not saying you are selfish and stingy out of merely judging you -- I was pointing out a path you were on, so that you can perhaps find another one. Sort of like saying, "Hey! You're headed toward a cliff! Watch out!"
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