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Default A cry for help

Noticing that we seem to have quite a few members here from the BC area I wanted to post this out here in case there wasn't sufficient awareness. Whether you are from that area or not all voices and actions are equally important !

Currently underway is a plan for massive expansion of a mining operation on the native lands of the Tsilhqot'in people (nation) in South Central BC by the Taseko Mining Ltd corporation. The intended site of these mining operations will have tremendous environmental impact on a virtually unspoiled and sacred ground of these people. The attraction of the estimated 1.6 BILLION dollars seems worth any sacrifice to these corporate rapers ! A beautiful unspoiled lake, Teztan Biny (Fish Lake) will almost certainly be the first fatality, followed thereafter by all manner of life surrounding it and downstream.

You can read up more on this tragedy on these sites and others.....

The earth cries AGAIN for our help !
Please do what you can !
Pass it on in any way you can.

The Great Mother thanks you


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