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Talking Warm, Enthused Regards.

Hello there......

While the date stamp on your "seeking / wanted" post marks it a bit of a precious time-capsule, I still & nonetheless enthused to discover it, given our proximity (*I'm in Highland Park, N. Shore), shared heartfulness, the child-connection (*I've a wee 18 month Sun-son), mutual bi-partial O-+ aspect & opportunity for live introductions.

Racing now in a flurry to an evening engagement, I welcome a dialogue w: u both... And invite an in-person meeting when comfort levels permit, to help us navigate the oft too-fickle vicissitudes associated w: emailed-only acquaintances.

Wishing u all the brightest & best in ur quest to expand your relationship & the scope of your long-extant love. (*Ahhh! Lovely!)

Warmly, with rosy-cheeked smiles, may u all b well.
~ Clare.
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