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Oh, you can't drive? Kinda kills the spontaneity even if you do find a person willing to date you who lives 12-15 miles away (your walking distance). Wanna go to a movie? Sure! See you in 3 hours!

How about a bicycle? You could then extend your non-carless distance to 25 miles!

Nah. Get a license and a car. Be willing to drive 30+ miles. To do that, you will need a job for gas $ as well.

I just moved to a different town in Mass to move in with my gf (who doesnt have a car, but she lived in Boston with plenty of buses, subways and taxis). And now we live near my bf too, 7 miles from him. I used to drive 20 miles to be with my gf (did that for 4 years), and my bf used to drive 20 miles in another direction to be with me. He did that for 17 months.

Coincidentally, a young man (24) I've been flirting with off and on, online, for a few years, got back in touch, asking me to come visit him in Providence RI, 50 miles away. Wanting me to drive to see him because he doesn't have a car! I just moved to be with my gf, and a 15 minute backroads drive from my bf, and this guy wants me to drive 50 miles highway for the privilege of being with him? I think not.
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