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Default A triad develops....

Our first threesome was great. I was the one most comfortable with the whole situation, FJ & MD were obviously nervous. But they were cute, and spoiled the hell out of me.

We started cuddling in FJ & I's bedroom and lightly kissing each other, I was in the middle. I was so overwhelmed with sheer delight by having both of my lovers next to me touching me, and sharing affection for eachother. It's almost like an out of body experience when I think remember it. I can close my eyes and see MD's face while she was orgasming by my hand and FJ was kissing her. To say I was happy is hardly the right word. Ecstatic is more like it. At one point, I was on all fours kissing MD and had just brought her to orgasm when FJ came behind me and started having sex with me. MD went to work on me, kissing and rubbing and I nearly melted into a puddle right there on the bed. I was definitely spoiled that night! FJ is early to bed most nights, so he passed out and MD and I continued to play in the living room under the covers. I spent some extra time on her so she could feel as amazing as I did. We finally both fell asleep-her in the living room and FJ & I in the room. Unfortunately, we couldn't all sleep together because of the kids waking in the morning.

The next day everyone checked in with eachother, and everyone was happy. No worries from me at all, I was completely over the moon. Both of my partners were so concerned for my well being, I felt great. Seriously will always be in my top 10 fave sex experiences ever.
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