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Originally Posted by zaiah1984 View Post
Our concern is how do you get into the life style if it is not common place or talked about in your area. We live in Maine and are curious who others are in our area, and how others have overcame the beginnings or their love movement.
There are others in Maine.

My wife and I are not much further along than you two are (although we are not in the same boat as you, my wife is monogamous and we are both coming to terms with my recently self discovered non-monogamous nature) but I actually think this is a great place for this lifestyle. People here seem at least as accepting to alternative lifestyles as other placed I have lived in the country if not more so. (Unless you two are up in The County...j/k, there are plenty of open minded people there too.) If you dont live in one of the cities or the larger towns I could see having a problem meeting people.

I dont have much to really offer you beyond a "You are not alone here!"

Good luck.

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