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Ren's date went well, and he will probably see her again. We did have a minor issue this weekend. I guess we've become a bit smug about poly and dating... and we did not set a hard rule about getting in touch, when he would be home, etc. I thought we had, but it was too vague. So when I did not hear from him for 1 hour after the time I thought he was supposed to get in touch and let me know what his plans are, I started to fret. It did not help that I knew C was with Molly. I felt lonely. Things were cleared up with Ren when he got home - and we agreed that we need to be more clear on this with subsequent dates.

Overall, I'm fine with the whole C. / Molly situation. I know they see each other often, and I do feel he has less time and attention for me. But whenever I feel this, I remind myself of all the moments when I felt he was relying on me too much.

He's coming to my city this weekend, and I am so very much looking forward to it. For the first time in months I am JUST looking forward to seeing him, not dreading any sort of uncomfortable conversation.

In other, not so good news... the sick relative I spoke about, well I might as well mention it here, that it is my dad and he has cancer. I think hard times are coming. I have no idea what the next few months will bring. I feel stressed about it a lot, because I have a difficult relationship with my parents. No siblings, so there's a lot of pressure. We'll see. I have to take really good care of myself... that's for sure.
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