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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
Now (read in your best Jewish mom voice) why aren't you dating your friends? Too many lesbian peeps? Too monogamous? All of your friends can't be lesbian monogamists! Go ask your lesbian peeps where their hot bro friends are. No sizzle with friends? Happens - I personally think the friend zone is a fine place to be. But getting to know someone deeply can move the sizzle needle. Almost all of my lovers or partners were friends first.
It's funny, because I have plenty of gay/bisexual guy friends, but none of them live in New Hampshire. It's inexplicable. I tend to get crushes on my straight guy friends, which is a problem itself. I've had crushes on a maybe a few girls over the years too, but never enough to want to initiate something more than friendship with them.

I'll definitely have to take you up on that longitudinal study
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