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Default World of Warcraft Anyone?

Looking for retired World of Warcraft addicts, people interested in WoW, or just people who might want to give it a try to see what it's like... or just chat with some interesting (and sane! mostly, ish) people... or, well... just anyone really... who might be willing to try downloading the game and hanging out with us... well, I suppose you don't have to...

Wait, let me start over.


My wife and I started playing WoW again recently and while we always have fun seeing what's changed and the new content, we also enjoy the social aspect of it, and we've been having trouble finding a group of adult, open and fun people to hang out with. I know that there's got a to be a few people who meet those criteria around here somewhere...

We are Horde on the Aggramar server on WoW and we play most days from 9pm till midnight Eastern. Right now, we have a 90 Priest and a 90 Druid, but I'm an altaholic, so we've got characters at several level ranges.

If you're retired, check out the Scroll of Resurrection- basically it would let me invite you back to the game, give you 7 days free play time, a free realm and/or faction transfer and even let you auto-level a character to 80.

If you're interested in trying, I (or my wife) can send you a Recruit-a-Friend invite, and get you two weeks free play time (or infinite free playtime with characters under level 20) as well as bunch of other little benefits.

If we get enough interest, I'll start up a new guild, or there's a potential level 25 we might be able to take over - I'll have to look into that.

If you're interested: PM me here, look up Kleos on AIM, or Zarelysse on Horde side Aggramar.

Oh! yeah! one more thing... to any existing players - server/faction transfers are half price this week! *hint* *hint*

Hope to see some of you in Azeroth!
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