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Things have been fairly quiet lately.
After our transition I would only sporadically hear from G every few days and even then it seemed very distant. I got a text from him today saying he was disappointed he hadn't been able to talk to or see me lately. Felt kind of good to hear but not getting my hopes up.

In happier news, I got to spend some quality chill time with M! I had such an awesome time with her. She came over and I made her cupcakes that I have been promising her forever now! We watched a movie and a couple Ted Talks on netflix then chatted for a while. She suggested another but it was getting really late, which sucked, I think I could have stayed up all night with her.

Hanging out with her reinforced my notion that when I really like someone I get super awkward lol I wanted to kiss her and cuddle her all night but in my head its a battle of should I/shouldn't I? I finally managed to kick myself in the ass and go for it and kissed her as she was getting ready to leave. I really wish I would have done it sooner so that we could have more but I am sure there will be other opportunities haha at least I really hope there are!
*fingers crossed*
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