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Well, May is here and we are getting deeper into our poly relationship. J seems to have some judgement problems about other woman that somtimes bothers D because he will be on his damn i phone looking but says there is nothing to worry about as the one he chats with is just a friend and nothing is happening or going to happen. J has brought up the whole boy toy thing to her and she assures him he is much more than a boy toy to her. They now regularly tell each other they love each other and according to her the sex is fantastic!! We have decided that friday nights will be "their time" together every week as long as he gets in on time from his work so they now spend friday nights together all night normally in our bed. This week he got in around 730, showered and changed with them ending up on the couch talking about what to do. He wanted to take her on a dinner date but when she asked what he wanted he laughed and of course, she said before or after dinner and he laughed and said yes......classic line that she loved hearing so they went upstairs and spent some quality time together although not long enough for her....but then again he had been gone all week, this was before going on their date. They then went to a nice steak house here near us. Had a nice dinner curled up together in a booth and enjoyed eachothers company over dinner, doing some quick shopping before coming home. By the time they got back it was getting late so they retired back to our room and had what she says was fantastic sex for an hour before drifting off to sleep cuddled up naked together. She told me the session was the best yet with the positions and intenseity. They slept in a bit in the morning still curled up in eachothers arms getting up to make coffee and get some breakfast. I had purposely worked late the night shift so they could have that intimate time together they seem to lack sometimes and went to the gym in the morning so as to be sure not to disturb them. By the time I got home he had gone to get his son for the day out. She had a huge smile on her face and thanked me over and over for giving them that time. D and I had planned on being gone over night saturday to a casino/concert and had a great time together with great lovemaking after and again in the morning. She seems so happy to have 2 men that love her although she does say she knows I love her more and she feels the same towards me. She does say that she hopes this all works out for a future together and they are going to talk about a more permanent relationship in the near future. I was not feeling well sunday night and had to also get up early for work so I went to bed early, J was also in bed as he leaves late or early for his week away at work. She joined me and curled up thanking me for the weekend we had as we drifted off to sleep together. She woke me a couple of hours later and asked how I was feeling, also asking if it was ok to go give J a nice send off for the week. I told her it was up to her since he is her "second husband". She smiled and got up going to his room for a while. She was back in our bed when I got up to go to work in the morning looking very satisfied and happy. She sent me an e mail when she got up again thanking me for our new life and said they had a nice time and that she would see me when I got home. Over all I would say it was a sucessful weekend....everyone seems happy and satisfied and J seems to be going with our routine quite well. More coming as things develop......
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