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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
I'm in Mass (near Boston) and I've dated guys from NH. Most of them have to look towards Mass and be willing to travel. We're just a cooler, more liberal bunch down here, face it!
I live in mass too, quite near the New Hampshire border. I have a list of things to say:

1) drop the "polyamorous" label and just date people as yourself. Mention non-monogamy as soon as it is clear that there might be an emotional or sexual connection.

2) you won't like hearing this but it's very important that you realize how desperate you come across in your original post. People can sense that and you might as well be covered in feces because it has the same effect on them.

3) i'm not sure what your "criteria" are, but it's possible that you are limiting yourself by only considering certain ages, races, sexual orientations, body types, etc.

4) if you want to meet a whole bunch of people (mostly women), volunteer to be a non-skating official (NSO) with one of the many leagues in New Hampshire. If you are in the "largest city", that probably means Manchester, and NHRD is based out of there. It's probably walking distance from where you live. But i'm not telling you to join to find people to date. I'm giving you one way to get out there and expand your social circles and perhaps discover a new activity to enjoy. That is how you "find people" to have relationships. Not by shouting "where are all the poly people? Come out come out wherever you are!"

5) i think there was one more thing i had to say but i forgot it.
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