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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
This is why I prefer to talk about making choices that honor your values rather than absolutes of "right" and "wrong". Sometimes we do things that line up with our values, other times we don't. Ideally, we lean more towards our values rather than away. Ideally, those values would involve respect and care for the people and life around them, but this can't always be the case, alas.
This is nice Ceoli.
And I would add to that that these 'values' are in a constant state of evolution. (hopefully)
I often get a little 'skin crawl' whenever I see that term used because it dredges up connotations of religion & dogma. And we all know where THAT has gotten the human race.
It's important that the most true understanding of the term I've come across so far explains human 'values' as shortcut tools our brain uses to give us guidance in our decision making process when time for a full analysis is not available. We're forced to 'shoot from the hip'. Tools.
It's (hopefully) afterward that we can go back and fully analyze whether that 'tool' steered us in the right direction or not. And if not - the 'value' is adjusted accordingly.
So our 'values' are based on our level of knowledge & experience at the point said value is adopted. But life moves on - and we have to move with it. As we learn more and experience more - we become more.

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