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I don't know if thin is the only sexy .... the question is kind of loaded in my opinion. I don't think anyone would argue that speaking strictly in terms of physical desirability it's true that a 114 lb lady, 36-24-36 will generally get more attention than the 200 lb lady that is siting beside her. Now keep in mind no one has opened their mouths yet, no one knows the 2 girls as people etc .... Are there people out there that would tell us, that they find the 2nd lady more desirable / attractive than the first? Sure but I don't know anyone that would say that those people are the majority.

Now please keep in mind I'm speaking in generalities and not justifying objectifying women or anything like that ..... I'm also not going to speak to our societal programming, who is on Magazine covers etc. I'm not even going to say that this generality suggests that men are shallow (again in general) .... because it's not just the men.

If the delivery person that enters one's office has washboard abs and a tight bum vs the guy from the other delivery company who has a beer belly and a few rolls around the neck area generally speaking I'd say the majority of the women in said office would find the thiner guy more sexy than the heavy one. I wouldn't go so far to say that the talk around the office would take the form of women openly discussing how unattractive the second guy is ..... point of fact he likely wouldn't be discussed much at all ...... but the Hot guy I wouldn't be surprised at all if his appearance was a regular topic of conversation.

None of this definitively answers the question "is thin the only sexy ?" but it does suggest that thin is generally considered more sexy, as opposed to the alternative. If the question was "What is sexy?" ...... I do think you'd have some terrific answers that are more inclusive of some other relevant factors.

I think this subject can carry some charged thoughts and we question someone's desire to be thinner to be more "attractive" as buckling to societal pressure as an unhealthy motivation that should be corrected ......... While I don't disagree I think that we also tip toe around weight because some of us feel that discussion can get side tracked to self esteem issues and motivation ...... no one wan't to be heavier to please someone else ..... so their motivation isn't questionable / unhealthy kind of thing.

It's been 25 years since I graduated high school, now with kids of my own who are in school I can say one thing quite definitively ...... looking at my kid's class pictures from Grade 1 all the way through and comparing them to the class pictures that my parents still have of mine ...... My kids and their classmates as a class look at least twice as heavy as my pictures from 25 years ago. Take a picture of the the parents and generally speaking I'd think you'd find the same thing. Maybe this alone will move the bar as to what we think of as thin, or heavy but it's certainly moved the bar as to what's considered normal.

Mostly I find what we have problems with and feel we need to correct are people's motivation (when we are talking about other people, generally young females). It's not about overall health. For example our oldest was in middle school about 8-10 years ago, the school had about 800 students. It was really the beginning of a phase where Emails home were just starting to be a communication method that the schools were using...... as opposed to today where we get emails practically daily and certainly weekly.

In any event one Friday every parent that had an email address got a message from the school councillor or principal (I can't remember which). The message was that it had been observed in the cafeteria that a few students seemed to be throwing away their lunches and not eating much at all. They didn't name students, but they emphasized that any parent could enquire as to if it was their child was one of the group that was observed. I can't say if or not the school official contacted any parents directly. The email turned into a lengthy information piece on Anorexia .... filled with warning signs to look out for .... where to find help etc. The final paragraph basically thanked everyone for their attention and emphasized that the nutritional health of the students was very important and that helping them not make unhealthy choices was of paramount importance --- and if left unchecked some situations could lead to very real and potentially fatal consequences.
And to be proactive the school was looking into having someone speak to all students in assembly form in the very near future about the perils of anorexia. At our house we spoke to our daughter about the email, and certainly there was talk amongst some parents subsequently ... however fairly quickly relatively considering my wife had some of these conversations over the same weekend. There was no sentiment that the school should mind their own business and stick to teaching the kids math etc ...

On Monday some parent hit reply all and responded with a single sentence that I still remember to this day. " Are you at all concerned with the third of the student population that is or appears to be obese ? I can tell you quite emphatically that question was met with considerably more ire from both the school and a good portion of the parents.

My feelings following this was something along the lines that it is easy to get behind children's nutritional health issues and ideas when the message is don't starve yourself to look good to someone else. Discussions surrounding Children's nutritional health issues where the message is control your intake and exercise because it is important to your health .... was largely viewed as picking on the fat kid.

Sorry if that was a hi-jack. I was thinking it was speaking perhaps loosely to the original question .... but perhaps more to the responses that this question can generate.

Is thin the only sexy ........ Hell No.
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