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I'm the hinge of an M/F/M vee. TG doesn't mind hearing details or if we're telling him stories, and I don't think hearing a bit of floorboard squeak if me and L are enjoying some alone time bothers him. But I highly doubt he gets off on it.

L has a slightly stronger kink for it. Just showed him this thread, and he says he finds the energy a bit of a turn on.

We also tend to play off energy as a group, even though we would never have a threesome/do stuff with one while other watches. By playing on energy I mean like this weekend we've had a few days to hang out, cook together and play games/watch films. And L/TG both like winding me up, both alone, and in front of the other. Through light teasing/suggestiveness/etc...

Which I a turn on (and glad I'm allowed to sneak off with each one for a while when required)...
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