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Because L realised I was poly and exploring something with TG was something I had to do, but would only proceed with his blessing.

Our relationship has strengthened through the vee dynamic and he has said he would not go back to me being mono to him even if he had the option. He is mono to me but this might change if he meets someone special.

TG is mono to me out of choice as he will always be mono at heart, and he knew L was on the scene before anything ever happened with us. He feels strongly enough for me that he would rather share me forever/as long as we last, than not have me at all because of traditional social expectations.

I am poly, but I willingly choose to be closed/mono x2, to just my guys. It works and we're all happy. Spent the day just hanging out watching films and made homemade pizza. Currently laid across L on the sofa typing this whilst TG shows L one of the Naruto storm games. It's memories like this I will cherish, and that L was willing to take a chance on letting TG in to our strange little family
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