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Thanks for your comment and the well wishes Hannah. It sounds like a self esteem issue all around, I know the three of us have weak spots there.

For another example, last week Jasper's dad got married. I'm not nearly as close with my parents and his parents split when he was young, my parents didn't split until I was an adult. I often fall short of understanding the dynamics he has with them. He and his sister have alleged for many years now that his father's (now) new wife was always attempting to drive a wedge between them and their father. Things like she would literally sit between them in social situations to make it difficult for them to talk rather than putting dad in the middle. It goes quite a bit beyond that as well. In my opinion I think it's possible this woman has some degree of insecurity which led her to do these things as well as the children (more so his sister) being a little too-attached for their age. So his dad was getting married at the courthouse and then having a reception afterwards. Jasper was told the courthouse event was just going to be the two of them, two witnesses and one of her three daughters who is a photographer. He had no problem with this. In fact when I asked him if he had wanted to be there he said no. After the event he found out a second of her daughters also attended. He said he would be pissed off if he found out the 3rd was also there because he was deceived by his dad and wife that the children (in general) were not invited. Of all the possibilities for why the daughters may or may not have attended at the last minute, and despite the fact that he did not even want to go, he has only one assumption for what happened. At some point during the engagement, his father sat down and decided to lie to him (or went along with such a plan) in order to exclude his children from his wedding. Personally If I really believed someone had intentionally done that to me, I wouldn't even bother being angry because I would have already written that person off. It sounds outrageous to me and I don't believe for a second that is what happened. Its just so sad to me that something leads him to these worst case scenario assumptions. I guess maybe I should take something from the fact that it isn't just an issue with me?
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