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Talking The heat affects us different ways

What an eventful weekend I had. Besides the fact that I barely left my house, hardly ate anything and slept and cleaned like a boss, I managed to get out to see her. I've decided to call her, Mouse. I don't know why, it's just seems endearing to me. There is the ever popular, Angel, but that's not thoughtful at all. I'm at least smart enough to come up with my own endearment.
Ok, back to topic at hand.
I went to hangout with Mouse and we watched some Ted Talks and one of my fave movies. It's so dumb I giggle through it every time I watch it and at one point it was the only movie I watched for 3-4 weeks lol! I did the same thing with Anchorman and before that Old Skool. She made me cupcakes and not just any cupcakes but Cream Soda cupcakes! I'm rarely seen without a bottle of the pink life blood in tow. I think I might just start buying those 6 packs of bottles of it. Lol. Got to be cheaper than buying one a day alone. After the movie was over we chatted until I suggested watching another movie but by then it had become 1am! Holy time flies. So I'm getting ready to leave and she kissed me yay!!!!
I was smiling the whole way home even through the rain.
Everyday starts with a good morning message from her and I wake up smiling. Most nights end with a good night.

Bright horizons.
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