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I will explain I have lied to people quite frequently in the past in my old job I purposely and with intent told suicidal people that their knives had gone missing from their kitchen - having pocketed them all and handed them on to authorities - stole shotgun shells off the shelf of a suicidal man that intended to kill himself with his shot gun. Told people I had no idea where their tablets were when I pocketed them. I guess you can get me on a kind of cheating too on this basis. This list isn't exhaustive and I will hang my head in shame at your external judgement.
This is why I prefer to talk about making choices that honor your values rather than absolutes of "right" and "wrong". Sometimes we do things that line up with our values, other times we don't. Ideally, we lean more towards our values rather than away. Ideally, those values would involve respect and care for the people and life around them, but this can't always be the case, alas.
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