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Default life update

(this article has sexual details, reader be aware)
So i hadnt realized that i didnt update about my 'date'. It kinda went as i expected, when i told her i was married and poly you could just see the interest leave, now she wasnt very good with english, so that did not help. Anyways it did not go anywhere.

Wanted to post about one's own headgames that can happen, this is all about the guilt with sex that can hit us sometimes.

Friday night i slept with our gf, and D with our bf. and it was very nice. Saturday. Saturday was a fairly vanilla day, working on stuff.

Sunday was a wonderful adventure. I woke up Sunday morning and made beautiful love to my wife D, it was just wonderful... Then i went over to our friends place to pick something up but stayed much longer lol.

But i wasnt able to stay hard, my mind was just all over the place, and i was totally distracted. So i decided to go down on my GF, while i could see while if i could just relax. While i was doing that her husband (our bf) came up behind me and started playing with me...Then he put it in me and made love to me..that was really hot...BUt i still had headgames playing with me and wasnt able to finish with her.

Later that night we were all 4 making out on the bed when their friend came to the door. coitus interupptus lol....that wasit again i could not refocus after.

My wife worked really ahrd to help me finsh with my gf, but alas we were now trying to be quiet cuz their daughter was home....

BUt the one thing i took away this weekend, it was really beautiful being loved and loving everyne in our Quad.

Yes Poly can be quite beautiful.
Me bisexual married to D.
in a relationship with L and G all in a full fourple
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