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Default In a mono new to polyamory... need guidance

I am a male and have been in a monogamous relationship off and on for 9 years i read a book on cheating and was educated on Polyamory. While I read I felt more and more confident that I was not meant for monogamy because I have exhausted ever angle possible to be with one woman. I found myself the happiest and most fulfilled with life and my relationships when I was sharing my love with more than one woman. I always thought what I was feeling was wrong so I hid my other relationships from my partners now I am sure of this and I do not want to hurt anyone or cheat myself through life.

If anyone can help on how to tell my significant other that I have realized this about myself without her being confused and just being able to accept me and either move on or join me please help or shed light on me. I am a bit scared and alone with no one to fully understand me besides others who are like me.
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