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Default There is no need to expose yourself to persecution

Unless you are ready to take a stand. By far the absolute best thing you can do is always speak up when you hear of anybody trash talking LGBT or Poly or any form of non-monogamy for being who they are.

If everyone spoke out every time they heard a bigoted slur, it would be the bigots who needed to closet themselves and not those who just want to be free to live

If you choose to become an activist, that's great, get with an organization so that you know you are helping and not hindering the movement to rid the world or wrongly discrimination.

Speak out whenever you see instances of people afflicting others with hardships or when their speech is obviously meant to belittle or intimidate. If you do that, the coming out will take care of itself, and when enough people do it, you won't have to worry any more about persecution, people won't allow others to try to intimidate or shame you when it is them who are wrong and flawed.
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