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Here is an article i have shared with both my partners.

Another thing to offer is if your partner would like someone to go with them to appointments. Sometimes it's nice just to have someone there with them. If your partner is on medication they might need to talk to the doctor about it, how it's working or not and might need help remembering to take it. The problem with depression is it affects pretty much everything. I forget things, and have a hard time with motivation.

If you want to talk privately please feel free to message me. I've been dealing with depression as long as I can remember, and have worked hard to be self aware enough to discuss how I'm doing with my partners. I've recently gone on a new medication that is an amazing difference from all the different 'cocktails' I've been on in the past, but there's still things I am careful of and trying to be self aware of when communicating. There's also lots of little things that DH and I have learned are helpful or needed in helping deal with it.
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