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hey there depression is a clinical disease, and the best thing you can do for this person is help to keep them on a positive path. You can help them by doing little things for them to show that you care, many times with depression the person also has lower self esteem, so this may help to make them feel wanted and loved.

As for what you can specifically to for them why don't you ask him/her if there is anything they would like to see you do. Tell them you love them and if they need anything that you are there and reinterate it when ever you can/want to. Also stay on top of what medication they are taking and be sure to ask about how their appointments went (no different then you would with someone who has a heart condition). With the medication many people who have depression tend to take themselves off the meds when they feel better, so if this happens encourage your partner to continue taking his/her medication and seeing the doctor because the symptoms will return with out it and then you are in the same boat.

if you see that they are having a down day then just try to cheer them up with a loving simple gesture. remember it doesn't have to be huge to turn the day around, just a simple note in a lunch u made them for work, or a text saying your thinking of them, a flower you picked on your walk with the dog, stuff like that does so much to help someone who thinks negatively. Just remember that this isn't something that they can entirely control and stay patient and loving. These are the best things I can advise you, but most of them would be things I would do in any relationship not just one with a depressed person.

Best Wishes
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