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If you are really friends with these women and hang out with them, don't they ask you where your wife is or what she's doing? You can use that to OMG bring up the open relationship. I do this all the time, although i so far have not been interested in dating any of the people. People often ask, "where is S?" and i'll say "on a date" or "with K" (if they already know). It normalizes it, instead of bells going off and confetti dropping from above. Then word gets around in a way that isn't dramatic as long as you project authenticity and don't act like you are looking for approval. Of course, since you want to ask these women out on dates, you will be projecting that, so you might as well figure out what you need to do to get comfortable with yourself, then just say to them (one at a time), "you know my wife and i see other people right? Would you ever consider being in a non-monogamous relationship that isn't cheating?" if they like you, it will get personal from there. If they don't like you that way, it will either get all philosophical and academic, or awkward and you will notice.
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