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Default I hear what your saying

and attempting to isolate another person from having contact with other friends is abusive and there aren't very many if any circumstances at all where enforced isolation is not abusive. I can understand a person who doesn't like their boyfriend sharing private information with people they don't know or don't have a close relationship with.

So I can see both sides of the fence

and the most important facet of it all is being able to separate out what makes a behavior always wrong and never not abusive. A person needs to recognize the points or aspects that divide the spaces of abuse from that which is healthy.

If you were about to exit a stairwell but the hold the door open because you heard your spouse's voice speaking as she entered the stairwell ten stories below and continuing to listen to what she is saying is not the same thing as tapping her phone without consent. Her lending her computer without turning it off and instead suspending it so that when you turn it on you are forced to see the last page she viewed is not abusive while hacking into her computer's microphone and listening to her without her knowledge or consent is abusive. Using information in manipulative ways is not only abusive, but it is a psychological disease, a frame of mind of those unfit for a life that includes interacting with others.

People who have trouble understanding how, why, and where the lines are that divide healthy behaviors for those of abuse, will likely bring trouble with them wherever they go

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