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Originally Posted by Freetime View Post
end of message.
Good thing you think so because I'm rubbing people the wrong way.

Had a rage house clean last night. PN is walking around oooooing and ahhhhhing over the pretty house. Mono just sat and watched and didn't say a word. I raged at him for a bit but he was having nothing of it. Smart man. This morning I was minis the rage and feeling better. Sex helped. Rage sex.

I had a message from my ex wife today that indicated she is going through similar life changes where she needs to make some major decisions and exhausting herself trying to figure it out rather than deciding and doing. I could relate.

Really though? I am staying right here, biting my lip, waiting and planning to make myself busy. It occurred to me that I can replace relationships with other stuff like art, dance, horses, swimming.... a mono boyfriend, a good vibrator and all that would make a full life.
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