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Question That is exactly why I feel safe.....

Because in forums like this I can be me. There are no real world consequences for being me here. If I don't like what is being said I can simply close the window or turn off the puter. I can figure out my own internal dialogue before I talk it thru with Sith. This has the added bonus of allowing cool down time to think and process when I am mad or hurt. And I think when your words have the potential to destroy those you love on a grand scale of 3 or 4 relationships at once with many people you should proceed cautiously so as to minimize the damage possible should fallout happen. And I admit to gaining a bit of a voyeuristic pleasure from being able to peek into the lives of others however briefly, and say "Compared to that, my life isn't all that bad". :-) But Sith doesn't even begin to understand my need to find third party views. He feels our relationship should only be discussed among us. But sometimes talking to him can feel like avoiding mines. He is an introvert and doesn't understand my need for other people at all.

I wonder if he could be taught to at least understand this method of communication or if it will always be strange for him.
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