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When I am in a situation, I can only see it from a couple of perspectives outside of my own, and I miss points that others can see. I appreciate objective advice and POVs. I am surrounded by mono people who never understood my desire to be in more than one relationship. They respected it and tried to give advice to the best of their abilities, but 95% of the time, it did not help. It was always one-sided and would have caused more damage and trouble. The last time I sought advice from people in my inner circle, it was what drove me to finally seek a forum with like minded individuals. That was how I ended up here.

I generally avoid giving advice, but when I do get the chance to read (like now), I learn something new all the time and learn from the mistakes made by others. I make plenty on my own, so I do not need to add to the list. I will happily post what NOT to do or how to conduct one's self in my blog, but offering up advice? I am the wrong one for that. I will take advice and put it to good use.
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