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Lightbulb doesn't work for me....

God I hate smart phones at times. Anyways, I also feel part of actively working on a relationship is being willing to at least listen to advice. Take it or leave it but don't stare at it and whine because it's not a pony. :-P

Boring Guy I often enjoy reading you posts and comments. I find your slightly deadpan and often sarcastic humor to be quite enjoyable and often catch myself laughing. It's nice to see some people really do still give it to you straight. I don't want hot air blown up my ass. I want straight forward honest truth as you see it. Then let me hold the bag and make my decisions with all the info I have whether you agree with my choices or not.

I love Gala Girl's way of putting it. Play like honorable Jedi not like Muppet backstage chaos. I aspire to this in every aspect of my life be it the RW or online. :-) As my dad put it best I leave it with you...... Shit in one hand and whine in the other.... See which one fills up faster. :-)
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