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Smile Boring Guy....

I completely agree with you. I have long been a lurker in this forum and others. I find it easier to comment in a conversation when I feel that my particular view point and/or experience to helpful in any given situation. I find it hard at first to start the conversation. :-) But once I do I find the replies often insightful and helpful.

I think there is an inherent difference on the most basic level between the lurker and active participant in public forums like these. For months I have lurked here greedily soaking up every bit of wisdom and anecdotes I could until my information circuit boards were well past the point of overload. I tend to come at new concepts and ideas from a highly academic and analytical stand at first, only investing emotionally after I feel more at ease with the subject. And I think in that way slot of lurkers are generally alike.

Active posters however tend to have a more vested interest in the tone of the conversation and the community as part of a larger social awakening. We try to give those examples of how and why so that past mistakes can be learned from and moved past. And we hope that in the process of knowledge exchange we may learn and grow ourselves. This I feel is one of they greatest gifts of mass communication at the societal level. And one of it's biggest flaws.

Because as so succinctly pointed out Boring Guy so many people come to this site and others like it looking for what seems like a magic solutions or a hang in there platitudes. They have numbed themselves to anyone but themselves to the point that they can't see what is right in front of their faces. That there can be no blame or shame or guilt in the rebuilding process and moving forward after. And just wanting to see the rain bows and stick your head in the sand when things get rough doesn't work for Jr.
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