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I read here to learn from others' mistakes, that way i can make new mistakes instead of repeating them. One thing in that regard that is major for me is examples of how NOT to treat people. In my specific situation, it's about how to support my partners' other relationships, especially my spouse's other partner, who struggles the most with non-monogamy than the rest of us do. I have a strong reaction when i see stories about "poly couples" taking each other for granted, describing dynamics of "entitlement" (especially when someone sounds whiny because they figured out what they want and act like the universe is depriving them of it even though they are doing everything that the instruction manual says), and in general an attitude of other people like consumer goods. I like reading posts from people involved with one member of an established/married dyad, and/or from those in a self-described "secondary" relationship. Although i don't post questions about my own relationships, i do occasionally find a motif in someone else's thread that moves me to start a discussion thread (such as the "saying things you don't really mean" thread). I also like to add to threads that i have something to say about even if it doesn't affect my day to day life.

I think many people go on forums such as this because they ONLY want to be told, "you're not alone, you're not a freak, you're fine", but more often than not, they are NOT "fine" yet don't appreciate being told so.

Hello world. If the above doesn't describe you, then i'm not referring to you. If it DOES, i AM. Goodbye world.
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