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Question Third party advice

I have noticed throughout the years that many men have a hard time with communication. I on the other hand find it quite useful to join online forums and discuss my issues and life with complete strangers. For me posting here can be therapeutic. I am in an anonymous space where I can take it or leave it as it comes to me. Where no can say it's black or white. It is what it is. And no one but me has an emotional vested interest in the situation so no one has any reason to blow smoke up my ass. So this works for me.

Have you run into anyone else who feels relationships should be closed door all the time? How have you explained your need to talk to other people to them? Do you also find posting on public forums such as this to be therapeutic? Why or why not?

PS- Do you feel that having a safe place to discuss things in your private life can be particularly helpful when in a poly lifestyle? Sometimes it seems that having a sounding board can help line it all up in your head and heart. This proves especially true I think when juggling very full lives. How is this different than in a monogamous relationship? Or is it? Just some things to think about. :-)
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