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Ren is on a date with a new person. I like everything he's told me about her, and I really hope it will be a good date. I'm home alone enjoying the peace and quiet and getting some work done on a new creative project.

I had an interesting online 'session' with MrB last night. First he gave me some assignments, and then he asked me to dom him a little. He is so naturally dominant that it wasn't easy, but I think I did ok, and I really enjoyed myself. Would love to explore this further. This morning we had a little communication hick up. He is so in the moment, all the time, that he is not always very good with aftercare after particularly intense encounters (RL or online). I need to talk to him about this sometime. We worked it out, but there should be an easier way.

C. is with Molly this weekend. He just sent me a short but sweet text message. I think things are going well between us...

I have lots of fun dates with friends lined up for the weekend, none of which, fortunately, require any thought about matching underwear. It's a nice change
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